What basic guidelines should I follow for modifying plans?

The beauty of building your own bed is that you can make changes to the plans as you like. But here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Safety is your responsibility. Any changes you make should not compromise the safety and stability of the bed.
  • You can add or subtract a few inches here and there, but you'll still need to fit your mattress, along with any bedding you want to store on the mattress when stowed.
  • Adding too much extra size could require you to buy another plywood sheet or other additional boards.

To change the height of the cabinet, you'll need to change the vertical pieces: cabinet sides, trim pieces, and platform panels.

To change the width, focus on the horizontal pieces: cabinet top, braces, headboard shelf, and front shelves.

To change the depth, focus on the cabinet sides and trim, cabinet top, and front shelves.

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