What's included in the Lori Wall Beds Kit?

In addition to a copy of the plans for your selected bed size and orientation, our Lori Wall Bed Hardware Kit includes all the hardware you'll need to build your very own Lori Wall Bed:

  • Self-tapping, self-countersinking wood screws in assorted sizes
  • Our custom-sewn Lori Wall Beds strap to hold your mattress in place, which is fully adjustable for any mattress thickness, and easily unbuckles for sleeping
  • Drywall anchors and safety locks
  • Various other hinges, screws and bolts -- over 200 pieces in total
  • Hardened square driver bit for less slipping and stripping when driving our professional-grade screws
The Lori Wall Bed Kit puts everything in one place. All the parts are neatly packed and labeled. 
You'll save time and trips to the hardware store, and you'll save money with our fast, free US Shipping. Please note: our hardware kit does not include the wood you'll need to build your bed, just the hardware.
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    Victor Hugo Rivas


    Can we get one of your kits in Spain?.

    Victor Hugo Rivas

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