Is the bed heavy to lift?

Compared to a bed with expensive mechanical lifting aids, it's going to feel heavy. This is a piece of solid wood furniture. You will be supporting the weight of one end of the platform and mattress when opening and closing the bed. We recommend you lift with a partner. Lifting with your legs and with good posture is also key to using the bed safely. Many able-bodied men, and some athletic women can handle the bed themselves, but a partner is always recommended. 

We get few messages from folks who built the bed and found it to be heavier than they expected, and almost no one has said it's too heavy to use with a partner.

Our tips for making lifting easier:

  • Decrease the weight of your bed by building with a lighter wood, such as pine and other softer woods. These weigh less per board foot than harder woods like oak, and have the added benefit of being less expensive.
  • Use a lightweight mattress, such as a conventional inner-spring or latex foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are incredibly heavy and not recommended for this use.
  • Lift with a partner. Have your guests help you!

Our lawyers insisted we say it this way:

WARNING: Because there is no lifting mechanism, you must lift and lower the bed platform with your own strength. THE LORI WALL BED IS HEAVY, AND LIFTING HEAVY OBJECTS MAY RESULT IN BODILY INJURY. Be sure to exercise safe lifting techniques, and if you are not able to lift the bed yourself, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO SO WITHOUT ASSISTANCE.

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